The order of reviewing the manuscripts of articles in the journal "Rossiyskiy tekhnologicheskiy zhurnal" / "Russian Technological Journal"
The manuscripts of scientific articles coming to the editorial office of the journal "Rossiyskiy tekhnologicheskiy zhurnal" / "Russian Technological Journal" are reviewed in a mandatory manner.
According to a decision of the editorial board an article is forwarded after registration for reviewing to experts in the field of science corresponding to the article subject. Both members of staff of the Moscow Technological University and experts from other universities and scientific organizations are chosen as reviewers. The membership of the article reviewers for the appropriate sections of the journal is determined by the editorial board. As a rule, two independent reviews are written for each article.
The reviewer makes a substantiated conclusion about the expediency of publishing the article in the journal, fills an electronic review form containing an estimation of the relevance of the line of research, compliance with the world state of the art, scientific novelty, as well as remarks and required corrections. The duration of reviewing is no more than 4 weeks. The reviewer has the right to reject the article, if its content does not conform to the theme of the journal, if the study is outdated and if the scientific study itself or its representation are of poor quality.
The anonymous review is forwarded to the authors of the manuscript for information and, if necessary, for corrections. The corrected copy of the article is forwarded to the reviewer for reconsideration. If the reviewer makes remarks again, the article is sent to the authors again for rework.
After the article is finally approved by the reviewer, it is forwarded to the science editor of the appropriate section. If necessary, the science editor can also make scientific and technical remarks, which must be corrected by the author.
The order of manuscripts reviewing is approved by the editorial board of the journal "Rossiyskiy tekhnologicheskiy zhurnal" / "Russian Technological Journal".