Volume 5 Issue 1


Volume 5 Issue 1

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V.S. Kondratenko,
A.S. Naumov,
A.Yu. Rogov

Introduction of laser technology controlled thermo-cracking in Russia 28

The work is dedicated to the development of highly efficient technologies of precision cutting brittle non-metallic materials on the basis of a method of laser-managed thermosplitting (LCT), which gets recently the increasing distribution and worldwide recognition. Some examples of high-tech solutions to problems using the method of LCT on the Russian industrial plant MLP1-1060 / 355 for precise cutting of sapphire substrates and other brittle non-metallic materials. The paper analyzes the advantages of LCT method in comparison with common now cutting way - scribing laser picosecond. Visually-selling onstrate the practical results of such work as cutting instrument sapphire crystals on the plates; Sec-tion of sapphire substrates on elements critical to external influences; cutting instrument silicon wafers with OLED structures; narrow cutting sapphire substrates for LED lamps of the new generation; cutting circular tubes of different diameters and disc; cutting of tubes of square section and the square of elements of borosilicate glass; Development of technologies for creating grids on the surface of the optical elements. Cited in the results of the studies indicate that the successful use of the Russian LCT technology to solve problems of high-tech cutting plates of brittle non-metallic materials such as sapphire, glass, and silicon on the plant produced domestically.

Keywords: laser controlled thermocracking; sapphire, glass, silicon.


V.P. Sirotinkin,
А.А. Bush,
K.E. Kamentsev,
A.V. Stepanov,
A.G. Segalla

Struсture and properties of ceramic relaxor ferroelectics of the system BiScO3 − PbTiO3 with MnO2 additives in the field of the morphotropic transition 20

X-ray diffraction analysis by Rietveld method was carried out for ceramic samples of the system (1-x)BiScO3·xPbTiO3·yMnO2, х=0.63, and y=0.0017 and 0.0118. It was shown that they consist of two phases: tetragonal phase (space group P4mm) and monoclinic phase (space group Cm). The temperature dependencies ε(T) и tgδ(T) were obtained for samples y = 0 – 0.0177 at the frequencies 0.1 - 200 kHz. The samples are ferroelectric with Tc 685-690 K when y ≤ 0.002. With increasing content of MnO2 samples acquire the properties characteristic of ferroelectrics-relaxors. The position of the maximum of dielectric permittivity shifts depending on frequency of measuring field.

Keywords: nanostructures, gallium nitride, capacitance-voltage characteristics, piezoelectric effect.



I.V. Tarzhanov

The possibilities of reducing energy consumption of the robot drives in the design phase 17

The article discusses possible ways of designing with reduction of the energy consumption of robots by choice of schedules, the inclusion of actuators degrees of freedom, and reduction of work forces of friction when braking degree of freedom near the axis positioning.

Keywords: manipulator, robot drives, drive engineering, power schedule.



V.I. Struchenkov

Computer technologies in line structure routing 23

Under study are two approaches to creating computer programs for computer-aided design of linear structures trails. The first approach, which realised in the existing CAD of linear structures, is not focused on the optimization of the design decisions, as the computer in these systems is used only for the decision support tasks, but all design solutions are appointed by man. The second approach involves the use of a computer to generate design solutions based on mathematical models and optimization algorithms. In this paper is shown how in the framework of this approach solved the problem of the joint design of longitudinal and transverse profiles of the roadbed of railways and roads. The algorithm of nonlinear programming using particular constraints of the system. It is recommended to use an integrated approach to solving problems of design and creation of CAD with feedback.

Keywords: route, horizontal and vertical alignment, nonlinear programming, objective function, gradient, feedbacks.



O.A. Ryabkov

Features of the financial planning technology in local government 12

The article analyzes the characteristics that affect the formation of the revenue and expenditure sides of the budget of intracity municipal unions of Moscow. Shows the legal basis upon which the provisions on the formation and spending of budgetary funds by local authorities. The problems arising from the formation and execution of budgets of intracity municipal unions of Moscow. The evidence base for the considered problem based real figures taken from the budget execution reports municipality "Eastern Izmailovo" in Moscow. The ways of solving identified problems, which would increase the efficiency of the local governments. The article may be useful in the practical work of government bodies, as well as of particular interest for the control of the executive power. Without addressing these problems, the path of development of local self-government becomes a dead end, the inability to influence the improvement of the situation in the district generates apathy and indifference as the population, and among municipal employees.

Keywords: municipality, budgeting, local government, standard deductions, tax on personal income.



M.L. Sokolova

Modern problems of the course of “technology for the decorative processing of materials” 18

The paper analyzes development of the "Technology for the decorative processing of materials" course for students. The course was created in 1992 in order to train personnel competent both in the field of design and in that of materials science. The paper treats the conditions of teaching students in the present and the prospects of graduates’ activities. On this basis, the academic and scientific problems which need to be solved for the successful future development of the course have been defined. The academic problems comprise the following points: selection of university entrants specializing in the field, training of the students in the process of working on interdisciplinary projects, determination of the spheres of scientific research for the master course students with the aim of providing their professional growth. Among the scientific aspects of the course development are considered, firstly, the problems of adaptation of modern technologies for the individual production which does not require special production conditions (great power, additional personnel, specialized spaces). Secondly, problems which the graduates of the "Technology for the decorative processing of materials" course would have to face in the process of creating fundamentally new objects by way of filling traditional forms with new electronic contents (“smart” electronics), or in the process of forming “smart”, comfortable and accessible environment. Special treatment is given to the problems connected with the universal design which must also be a field of expertise for the present-day course graduates. The paper suggests ways of solving the stated problems on the basis of the modern society’s demands towards science and education, in particular on the basis of expert analysis of products and environments from the positions of the universal design.

Keywords: technology, decorative processing, material, education, science, universal design.


S.M. Sukhorukova,
A.M. Pogorelyi

Как обеспечить экологическую и промышленную безопасность при освоении космоса? 19

Using the technological advances, people began space exploration with the purpose of extraction of raw materials on other planets and move there enterprises for its processing. The authors of the article express their opinion on the ineffectiveness of the "space" economy taking into account its costs and environmental impacts. Taking into account the system integrityspace, it is proposed to build the economic policy of nature management on the principle of coevolutional development. You have to integrate economic theory with the science that studies the space, given the development of its components. But until that happens, the effectiveness of "space" economy proves the liberal market theory of Economics that when using the resources of the biosphere did not take into account the requirements of its system integrity as cosmoplanetary phenomenon and have caused ecological crisis on Earth.

Keywords: "space economy", environmental safety, industrial safety, system approach, the principle of co-evolution, natural sovereignty.