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2015 № 4 (9) ( December 2015, Issue 9 )

Vol 2

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(Section is prepared by Zhukov D.O., Head of the Institute of information technologies of MIREA)


Zhukov D.O.

An overview of modern information technologies and the Institute of information technology of MIREA 11

Abstract. In this paper describes the direction and prospects of development of information technology and their interrelation with the Institute of information technology of Moscow state University of information technologies, radio engineering and electronics.
Keywords: computer science, features of development of IT, computer security, theoretical computer science, hardware of IT, information and telecommunication systems, applied Information Science



Antsyferov S.S.,
Karabanov D.A.,
Maslov V.G.

The test program for optical microscope AXIO Imager M2M 4

Abstract. The article describes an optical microscope Axio Imager m2M, procedure development and practical testing of the test program for the purposes of type approval of the microscope.
Keywords: the test program, optical microscope, nano- and micro-sized measurements, metrological characteristics.



Glivenko E.V.,
Yermakova A. Y.

The use of modern achievements of geometry when creating an automated information processing system catalog of earthquakes 4

Annotation: This article deals with the use of fundamental achievements of modern geometry when you create an automated system for processing catalog of earthquakes for purposes of powerful earthquake prediction.
Key words: automation system, earthquake catalog, analysis, earthquake precursor, earthquake.



Grigoryev V.K.,
Grushin A.V.

Features recognition of information on student achievement and testing 5

Abstract. This article describes how to recognize specific information used in universities. Proposed and studied several recognition algorithms copyright information about student performance. Also, the technique of progressive scan and recognition algorithm of multi profiles using barcode labeling. The technique of experimental investigation of the proposed algorithms and analyze their results.
Keywords: In-line detection; multi-page documents; method of ordering images multipage documents; Barcode marking; fiducial mark.



Dagaev V.Y.

The problem of interpretation of data obtained from different sources of information for the subsequent visualization 4

Abstract. In the article the questions of representation of information in the interaction of the representative of the contractor and the customer representative, namely its visualization. Addresses the major issues for the formation direction of educational material for constructing a system of interaction between communities, offers the basis for creating some visual and graphic language that is responsible for interaction on various aspects of technical and humanitarian fields of knowledge.
Keywords: visualization, datainterpretation.



Demenkova T.A.

Methods and means of remote training for designing of digital devices 10

Abstract. The work is devoted to an urgent problem of remote training in the field of designing of digital circuits. The results of researches are submitted on the basis of the developed software Favourite Subject (FS). The technique of use portable case equipment and applications on basis of simulation approach are considered. The opportunities of creation of e-learning systems of new generation are examined.
Keywords: system of remote training, portable case equipment, simulation approach.



Demenkova T.A.,
Tverdokhlebov L.V.

The algorithm estimates the distance based on digital elevation models 6

Abstract. In work the approach to estimation of distances up to objects of relief is considered on the basis of digital elevation model for tasks of digital cartography and geoinformation systems. The algorithm using data from z-buffer of the graphic processor is offered. The estimation of accuracy of the offered model in comparison with reference model with use of the developed program realization of algorithm is given.
Keywords: estimation of distances up to objects of relief, digital elevation model, geoinformation systems.



Zhukov D.O.

Stochastic models of traffic flow balancing and management of urban transport networks 3

Abstract. The authors have developed models and algorithms of managing stochastic flows with indeterminate characteristics of distributing static parameters in urban transport networks. The given models describe the dependence of the single nodes blocking probability on the urban traffic parameters changing over time. Besides, we have modelled a city transport network and traffic flow with the traffic lights switching time regulated according to the proposed model and with rigidly set switching regimes (a ‘conventional traffic’ mode). The conducted research of the line-up lengths appearing at the traffic lights exhibits a double reduction of the traffic jams when using the elaborated model of the ‘regulated’ traffic lights in comparison with a conventional model of traffic management.
Key words: transport network, stochastic dynamics of transport network nodes blocking, traffic flow balancing, traffic flows management algorithms.



Kovalenko S.M.

About the influence of the characteristics of algorithm program organization parallel computing systems 6

Annotation. Discusses the assessment of the time spent on computing and data exchange in parallel computer systems (CS). Displays the expression to evaluate the optimal number of modules in the CS, providing minimum run time.
Keywords. Parallel computer system, data exchange, algorithm program, compete modules.



Kuzmin V.I.,
Gadzaov A.F.

Mathematical methods of periodic components of nonlinear processes and predict the dynamics of the limited growth based on them 11

Abstract. An approach to forecasting the dynamics of the process of filing a trend with fluctuations on the results of measuring the characteristics of the early stages of development. The efficiency of almost-periodic oscillation component characterizing the process at the micro level as a characteristic time, which determines the parameters of the process at the macro level. Possibilities of the method are illustrated by meaningful example.
Keywords: Trend, almost periods, the shear function, deviations from the trend, nonlinear oscillations, processing of measurement results, properties of almost periodic functions



Kuzmin V.I.,
Samokhin A.B

Almost periodical functions with trend 9

Abstract. are formulated definitions of almost periodical functions for continuous and discrete cases and investigate trend of such functions.
Keywords: trend, almost periods



Kurenkov N.I.,
Dolgopolov E.V.

Grouping opinions of experts applied to analytic hierarchy process 3

Annotation. The paper proposes a modification of the known method of analytic hierarchy process based on a new mathematical calculating the vectors of priorities. We present two methods of concordation with the participation of expert opinions and without the participation of experts. Discusses the issues of collective decision-making. It is shown that new methods of aggregation and satisficing of reflexive symmetrically reciprocal matrices allow to solve the problem of grouping the opinions of experts. Examples are given.
Keywords: analytic hierarchy process, modification, issues of collective decision-making, methods of aggregation and satisficing of reflexive symmetrically reciprocal matrices



Kushnir A.P.

Simulation of passing through the armor 9

Abstract. The article discusses the passage of solids through the armoured barrier. The author proposes a model of the process. The results of simulation are compared with experimental data.
Keywords: simulation modeling, programming, Matlab-Simulink, bullet, armor



Kushnir A.P.

Visualization of geometrical problems CNC 10

Abstract. The article deals with the visualization of the geometrical problem CNC described approaches using imaging techniques of structural geometry.
Keywords: СNС, OpenGL API, programming, CAD, CAM



Malinin Y.V.

LTE in Russia, a miracle or a pattern of development? 3

Abstract. The author considers the process of active development in Russia of networks built on LTE technology (Long Term Evolution). The article analyzes the advantages of such networks over existing mobile communication networks, the characteristics and construction (architecture, structure, support service functions in radio access network). Identifies the problems of quality of service to network users, especially for the transmission of packet voice traffic. Defines the path of a radical solution to the problems is the improvement of LTE networks in the direction of creating systems IMS multimedia services.
Keywords: mobile network, LTE network, structure, quality of services, development in Russia.



Novikov G.G.,
Gurov V.V.

Visual page relevance fuzzy search method 3

Annotation. The article is devoted to the assessment of the degree of visual similarity (visual relevance) for the pages of the text with random content. The proposed method uses the evaluation of the degree of similarity for the pages of text by constructing a recognition matrix of their hash functions from the words of the text and their coordinates on the page. The lingvo independent method is suitable for preliminary sorting of the text, scanned and recognized page by page.
Keywords: relevance, fussy search, distinguishing matrix.



Paramonov N.В.,
Tokarev D.A

Preliminary simulation of systems 2

Abstract. Approaches to modeling complex control systems to justify the appearance of the systems and testing. Proposed method and evaluation of the effect of individual component on the performance of the system. The possibility of application of methods of a single hardware and software platform «Elbrus» as at the stage of pre-analysis and related experimental design work.
Keywords: information technology, simulation, design automation, life cycle.



Perova J.P.

The analysis of educational process for formation the creative person in higher education institution 6

Abstract. On the basis of pedagogical researches methods transformation of educational process in systems of the higher education for formation of creative persons who are necessary in our society are offered. The requirements necessary for creation of the environment in which conditions for realization of creative potentials can be created are analyzed.
Keywords: systems of the higher education, creative person, schools of sciences



Petrov A. B.,
Bagrov S. V.,
Sycheva A.I.

Approaches to the sustainable operation of complex information systems for government and corporate purpose 3

Abstract. The approaches about the complex information systems in conditions of inadequate behavior of their constituent elements are viewed.
Keywords: complex information systems, sustainability of information systems, predictability of behavior, inappropriate behavior of elements.



Rozenberg I.N.,
Tsvetkov V. Ya.

The global monitoring of transport objects 3

Annotation. The article describes the use of global monitoring of transport facilities. This article describes the classification of global monitoring. The article shows that the global monitoring as a basis for using space monitoring. This article describes information characteristics of the global monitoring of transport objects. The article describes the relationship of space monitoring with geo-informatics.
Keywords: space exploration, space monitoring, transportation, systematics, geoinformatics, philosophy information



Selivanov S.A.,
Silaev Y.V.

The need to study the impact of social communications in cyberspace on the national and international security 3

Abstract.The paper discusses the need for interdisciplinary research on the impact of social communications in cyberspace on nationalsecurity. The urgency of the problem is described. The description of the scientific research problem is given. The scientific novelty of the research and the scientific significance of the expected results are proposed. The possible scope of application of research results into practical applications is described.
Keywords:social networking; information influence; national security.



Silaev Y.V.

Overview of main activities on building 3D-model of the object using 2D images of the object 4

Abstract.The paper provides an overview of the various technologies of forming of 3D-models of objects for several 2D images. The methods of constructing 3D-model using an iterative refinement of the initial hypothesisis given. The approaches extracting silhouette of a plurality of object images. An approach for constructing 3D-model image based on a set of stereo cameras is proposed. An example of the use of specific information and the particular problem of constructing images for 3D-model of the object.
Keywords:3D model reconstruction; outline of objects; 2D images.



Sklyar A. J.

A model of development dynamics of production with investment returns lag 3

Abstract. Provides a model of development dynamics of production with investment returns lag in order to analyse and forecast industries development in long horizon. Checks model and factual data for compliance, assesses possibilities and limitations of using the proposed model for forecasting.
Keywords: production development, time series, approximation, forecasting.



Sklyar A. J.

Factor analysis of time series 4

Abstract. The article describes methods of finding analytic dependences inside time series on a given set of factors and dependences between several time series. Dependence is set up as polynomial of contributing factors with the step-by-step addition of most ‘appreciable’ factors, which ensures quadratic complexity of algorithm in number of given factors.
Keywords: time series, factor analysis, approximation, numerical.



Soloviev I. V.

Development network-centric control systems 2

Abstract. The article analyzes the development of network-centric control systems. The article reveals the problem network-centric control systems. Article explores the relation of concepts: information field, information space and information and functional space. This article contains information formalized description of function space. This article describes the discontinuity information function space. This article describes the principles and concepts network-centric control systems.
Keywords: philosophy of information, management philosophy, information advantage, functional information space, network-centric management



Tsvetkov V.Y.

Updates Geodatabases based on remote sensing data 2

Abstract. The article analyzes the methods of updating geodatabases. This article describes geodata. The article describes the basic technology of geo-remote sensing techniques. The article describes the main form of representation of geodata. The article describes the importance of tile organization geodata to upd ate. The article describes the automated technology upgrade geodatabases.
Keywords: information, spatial information, databases, geodatabases, updating of information, upd ate a geodatabase.



Cherdyntsev V.V.,
Gadzaov A.F.

Analysis of almost periodic component mappings, by the example of Henon mapping 5

Abstract. We consider the method of analysis of the characteristics of the nonlinear quasi-periodic oscillations. The efficiency of using shift functions to identify the values closest to the period. Possibilities of the method are illustrated by the example of the classical model of chaotic oscillations presented Henon map.
Keywords: Almost periods, the shear function, nonlinear oscillations, processing of measurement results, properties of almost periodic functions, Henon mapping.



Chizhikov V.I.,
Kurnasov E.V.

Integrated approach to development of the neural network functional identifier for the control system of capture of object with a slipshod surface 7

Abstract. The article reveals a new approach to control of capture of an object with unclear information about the conditions of its contact with the support surface and its geometrical form. Such approach can be interesting for specialists in the field of design of biomechanical and robotic systems of capture. The number of inputs of a neural network is equal to the number of input and output signals in the functional task. Fine tuning of weighting factors can be carried out using the method of back dynamic propagation of error. The authors showed the possibility of training of this neural network within the minimum time.
Keywords: capture; artificial limb; robot; gripper; management; unclear information; isoperimetric problem; neural network.



Shabunin V.E.,
Zorina E.A.

An optimized user controlled data exposition while using linear diagrams 2

Abstract. Most of online decision support systems (DSS) get a problem while showing diagrams dye to insufficient se t of exposed data ranges. This leads to a loss of evidence for those, who expect to get it, while using a diagram. For reaching more evidence we need a special range correction procedure, that would let to do it without loosing of an entire diagram correctness. This article does propose an example of a mathematical algorithm and it’s program presentation based on an example of a real data se t.
Keywords: exposed data; scale conversion; variation series; linear diagram; decision support operator



TECHNOLOGIES (Curator of section Solovyov I.V., Vice-rector of MIREA)


Bugrov Y.N.,
Lizogub V.A.

Method of the education to quick reading the text and in mode of the programming the equipment with CNC 4

Abstract. It is given analysis element visual perception text and the other information; developments of attention and reactions; choice and memories data, methods the most productive quality reading and controlling operative data; program of the equipment with CNC.
Keywords: Particularities of the vision; attention and reactions; developments to memories and analysis data.



Bugrov Y.N.,
Lizogub V.A.

Surface hardening of metal workpieces for finishing by the programmable synchronization interruption and the rotational speed of the spindle 4

Abstract. It Is Offered increasing to toughness to surfaces of the metal on base многокоординатного crushing the shaving when processing, way of the timed change to velocities of the presenting and frequencies of the rotation of the spindle with use the particularities of the programming of this mode in system of adaptive management velocity presenting in tool with CNC.
Keywords: It is offered increasing to toughness to surfaces; interruption of the presenting; tap of the shaving; crushing; reduction of the heating; presenting; velocity; synchronizing; system CNC.



Bulgakov S.V.

Study of spatial knowledge 3

Abstract. The article analyzes the features of the study of spatial knowledge in science and education. The article describes the content of spatial knowledge. The article argues that geo-information is an effective academic discipline, learning spatial knowledge. The article shows the importance of visual and digital modeling to represent spatial knowledge.
Keywords: education, knowledge, spatial knowledge modeling, knowledge representation



Danilina E.I.,
Osipenkova O.J.

Actual aspects of business valuation 4

Annotation. The necessity of applying new approaches to improve mechanisms for assessing the business, expansion of legal acts in this area. Recommendations to the procedures of business and resolve the issues arising from the Appraisers in determining the value of shares.
Keywords: evaluation, assessment of business value, the share capital of the company, the stock market value, the cost approach, the income approach.



lvov N.S.,
Babenko А.S.

Development of software and hardware systems for test classes 3

Abstract. This article raises the issue of the use of computer-based testing objectivity when checking knowledge in universities, the effectiveness of testing and training for them, and offers a solution for the low objectivity through the development of specialized hardware and software, designed to run the test systems.
Keywords: control of knowledge, test sessions, Windows PE, the Remote Access Terminal.



Pulkin I. S.,
Semeniuk C. A.

The application of methods of linear algebra to spherical trigonometry 7

Abstract. Spherical trigonometry, important and popular section of geometry, currently is now out of stydiing plans. Invited to consider this item as part of linear algebra. Shows the output from the basic formula of spherical trigonometry using the methods of linear algebra.
Keywords: spherical trigonometry, linear algebra.



Nguyen Quang Thuong,
Nguyen Thanh Trung

Prognostication of operating capacity technical systems on the criterion models of similarity 2

Abstract. In the article the approach to prognostication of operating capacity on the criterion models of similarity is considered. The design of the influencing loading is presented at creation of the dynamic systems on the basis of theory of similarity. The certain example of prognostication of operating capacity of the technical systems is shown.
Keywords: prognostication, operating capacity, criterion, model, similarity, technical systems.



Khronusova T.V.,
Nazarenko M.A.,
Tarasov V.Y.,
Lamm M.A.

Specifics of Web search query in russian Internet 2

Abstract. The study is about content quality in Russian Internet. The quality of content in Russian Internet is substantially lower, than in English Internet. The aim of the study is to expose a process, which causes low content quality. We introduce the concept of the “content hoop”, which is the way of generating web-site content via rewriting text multiple times with the use of frequent keywords, designed to obtain the highest position on search engine results page. The “content hoop” consists of four elements: keywords frequently encountered in web search queries; keyword usage in web-site content; lack of infrequent keywords in web-page text and lack of unique valid information on different web-sites. As a result user returns to the original web search. We conclude that the “content hoop” is caused by poor web-site content quality standards due to low competition level in Russian Internet publishing industry.
Keywords: web search query, search algorithm, content hoop, content, web search, content quality, Internet.



Shatina A.V.,
Semenova N.A.

Mathematical model of the motion of the satellite with flexible viscoelastic rods 5

Abstract. We investigate the plane motion of the satellite relative to the center of mass in a central Newtonian force field in circular and elliptical orbits. The satellite is simulated dynamically symmetric rigid body with two flexible viscoelastic rods disposed along its axis of symmetry.
Keywords: satellite, central Newtonian force field, the dissipative forces, the orbit, the rotational movement.