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2015 № 4 (9) ( December 2015, Issue 9 )

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(prepared by Nazarenko M. A., rector's Advisor, MIREA )


Kudzh S.A.

About concept of creation of integrated information space of industrial products 15

Abstract. The study represents proce4ss of development of Federal Information Fund of domestic and foreign industrial products catalogs. In the paper, I focus on internal document organizational structure of the Fund. Moreover, I characterize disconnection of information systems and information resources in industrial production in Russia. As a result, I make recommendations about collection, processing and storage of information for creation integrated information space of industrial products.
Keywords: information space, informatization, information systems, data structure.



Nikolaev A. V.

About hyman resources development in educational institutions of higher education 3

Abstract. The article discusses the formation, training and use of personnel reserve in the educational organizations of higher education. Discusses the concept of personnel reserve, goals, objectives and principles of its formation. Disclosed methods of identifying the needs of educational organizations in leading and research-pedagogical staff.
Keywords: personnel reserve, educational organization of higher education, principles of formation.



(prepared by V. V. Karnakov, Director of the Institute for complex security and special instrumentation of MIREA)


Karnakov V.V.

Big data and rare events in protection system 3

Abstraction. The article raised important issues in the field of technical protection of information security and the efficiency of security measures. Particular attention is paid to the concept of a rare event. It is proposed to implement a system of protection that is able to bind sensory information fr om various sources, Detects and recognize typical (usual) events highlight infrequent events, prioritize current events for operational purposes. Technology of creation of such systems can serve as of technology of analysis large data.
Keywords: effectiveness of security measures, a rare event, big data.



Nikolsky S.N., Surgenko I.P.

Dynamic system of objects 5

Abstract. The purpose of this paper is to study the possibility of using metaontology "object" to build metaontology "dynamic system of objects". The paper shows that the structural model of the dynamic system of objects can be constructed on base of the metamodels of natural metaontology and the principle of ontological reduction.
Keywords: оntological approach; structural modeling; systems engineering structural type system; dynamic system of objects.



Kurenkova K.S.

Multifactor authentication of automated systems 3

Abstract. This article is deal with an overview of the authentication procedure, it analyzed the existing methods of single-factor authentication. The article deal with the advantages of multi-factor approach to the authentication systems engineering. In the article mathematic simulation of authentication systems was made to provide evaluation of the effectiveness of authentication systems.
Keywords: authentication; multi-factor authentication; access control.



Deryugina O. A.

Transformation of UML class diagrams using genetic algorithm 3

Abstract. The article considers the problem of transformation of UML class diagrams using the Genetic Algorithm in order to improve their structural quality. It also describes the semantically equivalent transformations of class diagrams.
Keywords: MDA, UML, UML diagrams transformation, search based software engineering, genetic algorithm, software architecture, software design



Antonova I.I., Sviatova E.A.

The use of a computer system maple to solve the problem of mechanics 4

Abstract: The task of rod sliding on smooth leading is examined and solved (not in full volume) in a number of text-books. However, offered decisions don't consider possibility of links disturbances, which as proved by the demonstrated, happen definitely, substantially changing the movement character. To explore these features has been used mathematical package MAPLE.
Keywords: links, smooth, not-holding, numerical methods, MAPLE



Scherbinin V.N.

Method of graph visualization, based on the physical analogy 5

Annotation. This article presents the basic approaches of visualization of graphs based on the method of physical analogies. Based on this method, a system was developed to visualize information that can be used as a standalone software package, or as a frame for other advanced imaging techniques based on power algorithms.
Keywords: information visualization, drawing graphs, scaleless network, power algorithms.



Novikov O.P.

Mathematical model of information transfer in networks with elements of intelligent control 3

Abstract. The article describes the main provisions that reveal the increasing role of adaptive management in information networks information transfer when creating smart grids. Proposed theoretical approach, allowing to build advanced information system based on mathematical models of routing information.
Keywords: information network, adaptive system, smart grid, information flows, routing information.



Dyatchenkova A.Y.

Methods of organizing wireless sensor network infrastructure 4

Abstract: Today the technology of wireless sensor networks based on 802.15.4/ZigBee standards is the only wireless technology which can be used to solve problems with monitoring and control with which turn critical to sensors of battery life.
United in wireless sensor network, sensors form distributed and self-organizing collection of processing and transfer information. The main area of application is control and monitoring various measured parameters of physical fields, environments and objects.
Keywords: Wireless sensor network (WSN), sensors, IEEE 802.15, ZigBee.



Vershinin A.N.

Proposals for the creation of automated process control systems for critical facilities secure execution 3

Abstraсt. The article analyzes the existing legal and methodological support of the creation of automated process control systems for critical facilities (ACS CEP), as well as protection against possible threats to them. Topical problems of building automation systems CWE protected construction.
Keywords: automated process control systems of critical facilities (APCS CWE); key system information infrastructure (FIAS); information security (IS).



Skvortsova T.I.

Remote monitoring of network equipment using the protocol instant message 5

Annotation. Showing the structure and operation of the system of remote monitoring of network equipment using the protocol instant messages, identifies possible information security risks in the integration of the developed applications into the corporate information structures. Describes how to configure the system using the administrator console of the two types of applications for mobile devices and applications for PC.
Keywords: remote access, network equipment, instant message protocol.



Ivanova I.A., Nikonov V.V., Sumkin K.S.

Improving secure data transmission in computer systems 7

Annotation. This article discusses the problems of organizing the transfer of hidden messages with techniques of network steganography. The mechanism of covert channel data networks such as peer-2-peer is shown.
Keywords: network steganography, hidden message transmission, communication line, steganographic communication channel.



Bуlinkin A.A., Trubienko O.V., Anoufriev I.B.

Review of a method and equipment of statement radio frequency interference 8

Abstract. The article considers existing methods and apparatus radio noise emissions in relation to the problem of information protection against leakage of radio frequency channel. Present the necessary concepts and definitions. The classification jamming apparatus by type formed interference. The characteristics of radio transmission typical blockers information. On the basis of mathematical simulation shows the effectiveness of the interference that is similar to the suppressed information signal structure. The urgency of the application in large enterprises spatially distributed jamming equipment from a unified management system for collecting and processing information.
Keywords: radio frequency channel; jamming equipment; blockers radio link.



Bуlinkin A.A., Trubienko O.V., Kurenkova K.S.

Approach to data security leak over a radio frequency 5

Abstract. The article describes the general approach to information protection against leakage of RF channel. The necessary terms and definitions in the field of information security. Attention is paid to the issues of formation of protected information, the construction of models of technical channels of information leakage, the choice of the information necessary for the protection of methods and equipment. Formulated prospects of ways to protect information from leaking radio frequency.
Keywords: technical channels of information leakage; technical protection of information.



Sorokovikov V. I., Anufriev I. B., Korobov D. V., Krasovskaya N. V., Kuzelev A. N.

Scientific and methodological approaches to the creation of cyberpolice on the implementation of educational programs in the field of information security for testing different scenarios of cyber warfare 3

Abstract: Based on a special mathematical apparatus [1] have been developed an approach to the evaluation of information systems for information security, taking into account the criterion of "cost-effectiveness".
Keywords: evaluation, modeling, efficiency



Zvonova E.E.

Being and possession as characteristics of existence in virtual reality 4

Abstract. In the article the phenomenon of mind created by virtual reality (Net-mind) is analyzed in the light of a concept «to have or to be» by E. Fromm.
Keywords: virtual reality, Net-mind, E. Fromm, being, possession



Zuev A.S.

Augmented and virtual reality technologies 7

Abstract. The article purpose is justification of virtual and augmented reality place and role in the computer equipment development, respective sphere of the IT-market.
Keywords: virtual reality, augmented reality, human-computer interaction.



Kurakov M.V., Pavelev S.A.

Development of hardware-reconfigurable digital control module for space robotic systems 4

Abstract The problem of applying of hardware-based reconfiguration of autonomous control systems of space mobile robots is concerned. The functional structure of hardware-reconfigurable digital module for intellectual control of mobile space-based robotic systems is proposed and further interaction between its functional modules in different situations requiring reconfiguration is concerned. The procedures of self-check and self-testing of the hardware-reconfigurable digital module for intellectual control of mobile space-based robotic systems are described, which are necessary to ensure reliability of reconfiguration.
Keywords: space-based robotic systems, remote modification, mobile robot, reconfigurable computing, field-programmable gate array (FPGA)



Druzhin O.V., Zhuravlev S.I., Titov M.Y., Trubienko O.V.

Consideration of the influence noise characteristics on the energy calculation of the space communication 4

Abstract. Calculations of antenna noise temperature lim it dimensions and feedlines phased antenna arrays, taking into account depending on the brightness temperature of the Earth from the angle sensing antenna beam and wavelength.
Keyword: Noise temperature antenna, space communications, antenna feeder tract, phased antenna arrays.



Zhuravlev S.I., Titov M.Yu., Trubienko O.V.

Basic approach to assessment of influence adjustment errors for directional characteristics of the phased antenna arrays 4

Abstract. In this article have put the basic approach to the assessment of influence adjustment errors emitters for directional characteristics of the phased antenna arrays.
Keywords: Phased antenna arrays, adjustment errors emitters, antenna grid pattern, phase centers of emitters.



Titov M.Yu.

The influence technological errors on the directional characteristics of the aperture phased antenna arrays 5

Absract. Among the main factors limiting directional properties antenna arrays are errors of power, phasing, adjusting and arrangement phase centers. In this article using statistical method have put the influence technological errors on the directional characteristics of the aperture phased antenna arrays.
Keywords: Linear and aperture antenna arrays, statistical directional characteristics, law of distribution, the antenna directivity diagram.



Ignatov A.S.

Setup and simulation of a smart road traffic control system at intersections 3

Abstract. The article considers the system for intelligent road traffic control at intersections. The description of work and main features of the software allowing to tune parameters of fuzzy algorithm for road traffic control at intersection, and modeling the behavior of traffic flows to assess the expected efficiency gains in the implementation of the control system is provided.
Keywords: transport, control, algorithms, software, traffic intensity, traffic lights, traffic flows, traffic jams



Skoseleva D.A.

General approach to the principle of the active information search 3

Abstract. Today in the way of development information technology almost total lack any barriers. In process of computerization, the penetration of the Internet, appearance new kind of reality – ‘virtual reality’, artificial surroundings. Examination of questions related to virtualization mechanisms and implementation of human subconsciousness in the Internet is of great practical importance. The modern process of virtualization is rapid that’s why there is need to develop research of the methods based on the active information search on the Internet.
Keywords: the virtual reality, information search, training.



Grishin A.A., Sachkov V.E.

Introduction psycho social network analysis 10

Abstract: Text as a complex semantic and syntactic education has a number of psycholinguistic characteristics. These include integrity (semantic, structural and compositional integrity) as well as semantic and grammatical coherence of speech. Moreover, in the text, viewed as a product of speech activity, manifested signs of nonverbal communication behavior of the participants, and it has a high degree of "interpretive" (interpretation of the semantic content of the options to listen or read).
Keywords: the social network, psycholinguistic analysis, semantics, positive, negative, dictionary.



Akimov D.A., Redkin O.K., Sadykov I.V.

The approach to the Web pages classification based on their informativity 5

Absctract. This paper considers the approach to the automated text data extraction from the internet with the advantages and disadvantages of existing solutions. The problem of determining the degree of information value of web content for their classification on information and navigation pages is formulated. The apriority dictionary of important morphological parameters for the Russian language based on discriminant analysis was developed. The practical valid results of the developed model application are also provided.
Keywords: web page, data mining, text properties, computational linguistics



Osipov M.S.

The problems of establishing a motive, as the circumstances subject to proof in a criminal case 3

Abstraction. This article deals with the problem of inadequate treatment of legal and theoretical attention to the subjective side of the offense, and in particular the motives of the crime. The article outlines some perspective on the role and importance of the motive in the definition of crimes, as well as suggest possible solutions to the problems of qualification, arising from the motive of the crime.
Keywords: motive, the subjective aspect of the crime of the crimes, the identity of the offender, the circumstances subject to proof.



Gharafutdinova F.M.

Fingerprinting: status and prospects 2

Abstract. Fingerprints remain the same throughout a person's life, they are easy to operate, they are absolutely individual. Due to the increased importance of fingerprinting in the article describes the different approaches to its regulation.
Keywords: fingerprinting, identification, registration.



Belkin A.R.

Analysis of the concept "Witness immunity" 4

Abstract. The article analyzes the problem of the definition of the criminal procedure law of such an important thing as a witness immunity, and offers a range of inter-related amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure, intended for a more accurate regulation of the procedure of the Institute.
Keywords: witness immunity, refusing to testify



Anischenko V.N., Anischenko E.V.

Economic security of Russian Federation: problems, essence and content 6

Abstract. Development of crisis tendencies in the relations of Russia and the West, sanctions wars, membership of Russia in the World Trade Organization and further deepening of its integration into world economy increase susceptibility of national economy to the external and internal influences having both positive, and negative consequences. In the real work the problem is formulated, the key principles and basic provisions of the theory of economic security of the Russian Federation are specified, the essence and the maintenance of the discussed phenomenon are detailed.
Keywords: economic security, personality, society, country, threats to security, danger, essential harm



Pyatkin V.A.

The main tendencies of Russia economy development in modern conditions 4

Abstract. Article is devoted to the analysis of the current macroeconomic situation in Russia and to the reasons of its emergence. The major factors causing the developing economic stagnation come to light. Methods of its overcoming are offered.
Keywords. Development of the Russian economy, economic crisis, economic stagnation



Smirnov M.V.

Genesis of economic education in the formation of 4th Technological structures 6

Abstract. The main provisions of the new concept, the 4th technological structure of society, considered as possible elements of a new program for the development of the Russian economy until 2030. The article highlights the main areas in which can develop modern economic education in the new paradigm of production.
Keywords: genesis, economics, technological way.



Iluhina R.V.

Regional economic security 4

Abstract. In article the assessment of factors of social and economic differentiation of regions of Russia, strengthening of economic threats in the conditions of crisis of the Russian economy is given; priority problems of the regional economic policy which is equitable to interests of providing national and economic security are defined; common features of structure of system of economic security of the region, and also processes of an economic deintegration of regions which pose threat of national security of the country are considered.
Keywords: economic security, regions, development, economic threats, economic reintegration of regions.



Kurashova A.A.

Social projects of the vertically integrated oil companies 5

Abstract. In article various approaches to understanding of the term corporate social responsibility are considered and prerequisites of its emergence in Russia and in the world are described. The main reasons stimulating the companies are stated to pay attention to questions of social responsibility, and a stage of development of corporate social responsibility. On the example of the leader of a rating of social responsibility of JSC Gazprom the main directions of social programs and mechanisms of their realization are considered. The policy of the state in relation to socially responsible companies is presented.
Keywords: oil companies, corporate social responsibility, development, social program of the company.



Pankov V.L.

Effectiveness of incentive mechanism and the potential level meeting the needs of an employee 8

Abstract. Effective quality management of labor pedagogical workers of high school is impossible without understanding the needs and motivations of employees and selection criteria to stimulate reflecting the needs of a balanced structure, with the emphasis on impact; the link between needs and direct indirect effects on the actualization motivation for creative productive work, to educate themselves throughout their lives.
Keywords: incentive mechanism, the level of satisfaction of the needs of teachers, educational and scientific activities of the University.



Zverzhkhovskiy V.D., Kretushev A.V., Vyshenskaya T.V., Klemyashov I.V.

Methodology of square and phase volume integral functions for phase images of living cells 4

Abstract Determination of phase parameters of the live cells obtained by the method of coherent phase microscopy has an important diagnostic value. It is shown significant parameters for medical diagnostics of living cells (phase thickness, a refractivity of organelles and phase volume) connected with metabolic processes can be obtained with integral functions of its phase images.
Keywords: phase microscopy, optical parameters of a cells.